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Very important notes for municipalities and Code Officials

1)      To maintain your status as a certified Code Official, you must take the code update course before June 30, 2007.  Failure to do so will mean that you will have to take the entire basic training class over.

2)      19 NYCRR 1203, (old part 444) is the regulation that governs what must in your local law.  It has been updated and took effect on 1/1/2007.  If you have not updated your local law, then your municipality is not in compliance with 1203.  Click here for a sample local law.

3)    New Regulations regarding CO detectors and pool alarms 

4)    Remember, after 1/1/2006, all manufactured homes must have an Installer's Warranty Seal placed on the inside of the master bedroom closet door.  A building permit should not be issued without knowing that the installer is certified to affix such a seal.  For more information click here.

5)  Pool safety info (from DOS web site)



Last modified: 04/16/08