DCEA Course 9A

Lesson 1 Introduction and Overview

Course Registration

This page will register you for Course 9A.
Your training ID number is a number that is assigned to you if you have taken a codes or fire training course within the last few years. It will be something like NY0000000.   If you do not have a number or have forgotten your number, check the appropriate box box below.

I do not have an ID

I have forgotten my ID number

I have my NYS training ID number  
If you have and remember your NYS training ID number, enter it in the box below.  If you don't have an ID number or your have checked that you have forgotten your number, you must enter your Social Security number in the box below.  This will allow us to either assign an ID number or look up your existing number.

Your FDID number is a number assigned to your fire department or municipality.  If you know your FDID number enter it in the box below.  If you do not know your FDID number you can click here
to go to a web page to look it up. Many municipalities will  have two numbers listed.  One is for the fire department and one will be for other municipal departments.  Choose the one that is appropriate for you.

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