DCEA Course 9A

Lesson 1 Introduction and Overview

Why do we have codes?

We have codes in order to provide a  basic level of protection to all people in the state from the hazards of fire and inadequate building construction.

Codes are not new.  The first written code that we know of was formulated around 2000 BC - the Hammurabi Code.  It was an "eye-for-an-eye" / "tooth-for-a- tooth"  code. 

If you were a builder and you built a building that fell down and injured or killed the owner or the owner's family, you would be injured or killed as well.  Many bad builders were put out of business.


The Romans also had codes.   You probably have seen pictures of the Roman arches.  They have survived for 2000 years.  But, when they first started building them, many of them fell down.  To build the arch, a scaffold was constructed and stone laid against it.  A specially shaped stone called the keystone was placed at the top.  Then the scaffolding was removed. Again,, many of them fell down. To aid in better construction, government officials forced the builder to stand underneath the scaffolding when it was removed.  The builders protested stating that they had built the arch according to the architects specifications.  So the officials placed both the builder and the architect under the scaffold!