DCEA Course 9A

Lesson 1 Introduction and Overview

Why do we have codes? (continued)


The Beverly Hill night club was a very popular gathering spot located in a suburb of Cincinnati across the Ohio river  in Kentucky.  The building had started out small and had additions constructed as more people frequented the club. At the time of the fire, the club would hold in excess of 2000 people. 

The club was decorated in a Caribbean theme. There were paper mache and plastic palm trees. On the faithful night, there were  2400 - 2800 people in the main ball room. Some employees discovered a small fie in the unused Zebra Room. Instead of calling the fire department, they tried to put of the fire themselves.  The fire spread. Someone took the microphone from the band leader in the main ball room and made an announcement that there was a small fire and people should make an orderly exit from the building.  About the same time fire and smoke began appearing the the main ball room and people panicked. The paper mache and plastic decorations caused heavy and toxic smoke.  There were not enough exits, the exits were not clearly marked,, and some of the exits lead through the kitchen. 165 people died as a result.

There were many other code violations.


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