DCEA Course 9A

Lesson 1 Introduction and Overview

Why do we have codes? (continued)


When the MGM Grand Hotel was being built, fire marshals had insisted sprinklers be installed in the casino during the building's construction in 1972. The hotel refused to pay for the $192,000 system, and a Clark County building official sided with the resort.

The origin of  the fie was traced to a wire that was not properly grounded which could have been discovered had the area been inspected. There was a refrigeration  compressor that  was not properly installed.

Wiring behind a wall in the resort's deli simmered, then burned undetected for hours. The result was a flash fire that spread at a rate of 19 feet per second through the casino. The smoke from this superfire whisked its way through the resort's air-circulation system and trapped victims in hallways, rooms and stairwells.

The fire alarm never sounded. A supposedly smoke-free stairwell, that was a crucial escape, route filled with smoke. The laundry chutes failed to seal, and defects existed in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems -- all contributing to the spread of smoke.

84 people died during or shortly after the fire. 3 people died later of their injuries

Authorities later said the sprinkler system could have prevented the disaster at the hotel, which is now Bally's.




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