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Manufactured Housing

The Manufactured Housing Act, which requires that manufactures, retailers, installers, and mechanics be certified, has raised a few questions.  Recently, the primary question has been" Do you need to be a certified Mechanic or Installer to place the structural flooring in a manufactured home?"  The answer is "YES"

Manufactured homes are design as a unit with the floor contributing to the over all strength of the unit.  Since the floor is part of the structural unit, you must be a certified installer or mechanic to replace it.

Quick facts:

Homes manufactured after 1/1/06 require manufacturers warranty seal.

Homes installed after 1/1/06, either new or relocated (even within the same park or community) require a building permit (as they did since 1984) and an installer's warranty seal.

No building permits should not be issued prior to obtaining a certification number from the individual(s) involved. Site and foundation plans (foundation plans should include pier layout and specify tie down equipment and layout) should be submitted by the applicant, demonstrating compliance with Appendix “E” of the Residential Code of NYS. The Residential Code, for the most part, requires compliance with the manufacturer's installation manual. A manual should be submitted to the CEO as part of the permit documents.

Certificates of Occupancy shall not be issued until the warranty seals are installed in the largest closet in the largest bedroom.

Manufactured homes must have a vapor barrier installed under the home and the ground under the home must be "crowned" to promote drainage.

Other FAQs
What are the responsibilities of the installer?
Whether they actually perform the work or not, they are responsible for anything that makes the home livable after delivery; e.g.; electric, plumbing hook-ups, site preparation and finish, all in compliance the applicable codes and the construction documents. The installer does not have to be on the site at all times. 

What is the jurisdiction of the CEO ?
The CEO has the responsibility of anything performed on site, but has no jurisdiction over the requirements of the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards. (This is what the HUD Code is titled.) In other words the CEO cannot require change to any assemblies or parts from the factory; however, any connecting of parts supplied by the factory, that require field attachment or assembly, should be verified as having been installed properly, using the manufacturer's installation manual as a guide.

Can the Inspector rely on the certified individual to perform their responsibilities to code?
NO, the municipal authority must still perform the required inspections.

Where can a list of certified individuals be found?
On the Codes Division website,

Are any of the new engineered foundation tie down and support systems code compliant?
Yes, if they are installed according to the manufacturer's requirements and limitations. (The approved systems are most generally listed in the manufacturer's manual.)

Are Modular Homes included in this regulation?
NO, only Manufactured Homes.

Are monolithic slabs on grade required?
NO, Appendix "E" section. AE502 of the RCNYS requires foundation systems to be frost protected (which means a standard pier and footing system), at or below the frost line. The exception states “when a foundation system is designed to be otherwise protected from the effects of frost, such foundation system is not required to extend below the frost line. The key word "designed" means designed by an Architect or Engineer licensed to practice in NYS. Any systems that deviate from the standard pier and footing system are to be designed by an Architect or Engineer.

Are local laws (zoning or other) that require manufactured housing being installed on something other than the standard pier and footing system legal?
NO, Jurisdictions which attempt to regulate manufactured homes more restrictively than the RCNYS or the HUD Code, whether by zoning law or by local law, are subject to approval of these laws by the NYS Codes Council. (Contact the DOS Local Government Services Unit for advisement 1-518-473-3355)

Can manufactured homes be added too?
Yes, Sec.AE504 "Accessory buildings shall not be structurally supported by or attached too (except flashings and other weatherproofing) unless engineering calculations are submitted to substantiate any proposed structural connection." Additions are otherwise to be supported independently of the home and constructed in compliance with the RCNYS. The addition may be constructed by persons not certified. Nothing is grandfathered. Openings created for access to the addition, are to be accomplished by a certified installer or mechanic. The HUD required second egress door cannot be used or blocked unless another is provided.

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