Department of State Codes Division Southern Tier Regional Office Newsletter

Swimming Pools 

Its that time of year and although the weather has been cooler than normal, swimming pools are popping up all over. As the weather gets warmer, New Yorkers will soon begin filling their swimming pools. Each year, according to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 240 children under the age of five drown in swimming pools. For young people aged 1-14, unintentional drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional, injury related death. For every child below the age of 14 who dies from drowning, five receive emergency room treatment.

Here is the short list of pool requirements in accordance with 19 NYCRR 1203 and the Uniform Code.

1) Pools that will hold more than 24 inches of water need building a permit.

2) New pools need to have an electrical inspection.

3) Pools need to have a barrier. The barrier can be the pool wall if the wall has sufficient structural strength to meet the barrier requirements. ("Blow up" pools do not have the structural strength to meet this require, so all of them need barriers)

4) Every swimming pool that is installed, constructed or substantially modified after December 14, 2006 must be equipped with an approved pool alarm. The pool alarm must meet ASTM standards. A blow up pool being reinstalled is considered to be newly installed and must meet the pool alarm requirement. There may be an exception if a pool safety cover is installed.

5) Blow up pools do not need a new building permit each year they are installed provided they are installed in the same location and meet all of the other requirements.

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