Rushford central school alumni association

2008 News Letter




Greetings from your newsletter editor, Jim Pomeroy (’60).  If there is something about yourself or your class that you’d like to include in next year’s newsletter, send a note to the Rushford Alumni Association (Box 1, Rushford, NY 14777 – Attn: Newsletter Editor), or send me an email at  If you send me an email of any kind, please type “Rushford Alumni” in the subject box.  In any case don’t be shy about sending me a note for the newsletter, especially those of you who have never submitted anything before.          


This newsletter can also be viewed on the Cuba-Rushford Central School website.  Go to  --- click on “Community”  in the Menu bar that runs across the top of the page, then click on  Alumni and Yearbooks”” in the drop-down box that appears and then on “Rushford Alumni” at the far left on the page that next appears.  When the Rushford Alumni page downloads, go to the bottom of that page and click on “Related Documents – Newsletter”.   In order for you to view the newsletter, your computer will need to be able to download Microsoft WORD documents.  While you’re on the website, feel free to click on “Yearbooks” and view the RCS yearbooks for 1952 to 1991.


Those receiving this newsletter by email or viewing it on the CRCS website should still use postal mail to make banquet reservations and/or to send donations (Rushford Alumni Association, Box 1, Rushford, NY  14777). 


Thanks to Susan Clark Holmes (’66), Peggy Metcalf Armstrong (’76), Ruth Smith Metcalf (’56), Orpha Clark Holland (’62), and Bernice Owens Armison (’90) and her daughter Grace for helping me to stuff and stamp envelopes for the mailing that was done in 2007.   Over 800 pieces of mail were put together.   Further thanks to Susan Clark Holmes for doing the photocopying. 



Nearly 200 people attended the 2006 banquet.  Following social hour, Stan Luce (’48) and Dan Metcalf (’56) once again provided some humor, this time on the theme that good fortune can be bad and bad fortune can be good.  Jerry Clark (’66) gave the invocation.  A buffet dinner was under the supervision of Kevin (’74) and Dawn Pascell (’77) Taylor.   President Peggy Metcalf Armstrong conducted a business meeting.  Dues are being increased from three dollars to five dollars.  One thousand dollars in scholarship monies will be awarded at the 2008 banquet.  (Note:  As of March 27, 2008, Treasurer Benice Owens Armison reported to me that the Alumni Association has $684.77 in the general fund and $5,138 in the scholarship fund.)  Marilyn Clark Kellogg (’68) presented the 2007-08 slate of officers: Peggy Metcalf Armstrong, Susan Clark Holmes, and Bernice Owens Armison will remain in their present positions as president, vice-president, and treasurer respectively.  Susan Corbett Clark (‘65) replaces Orpha Clark Holland as secretary.  Of the classes honored (those whose graduation years ended with a “7” or a “2”), the Class of 1962 had the most members present (9 of a possible 17).  However, the Class of 1947 was noteworthy for having 6 of a possible 10 present.  Alumni traveling the furthest to Rushford came from Arizona and Nevada.  The oldest alumnus at the banquet was Irene Drew Worthington (’34) of Rushford. (Incidentally, for the record, the oldest alumnus on our mailing list is Ernestine Austin Whybrew of Sierra Vista, AZ.) Two students from the 2007 Cuba-Rushford Central School graduating class were each awarded $500 from the Association’s Albro Scholarship Fund.  They were:  Mary Ronan, daughter of Mike and Barbara (Lynne) Ronan, and Melinda Pomeroy, daughter of Lynn and Brenda Pomeroy,.  Mary is enrolled in SUNY College of Forestry and Environmental Sciences at Syracuse; Melinda is enrolled at Houghton College.  This was the seventh consecutive year the Association has awarded scholarship monies--almost $5,500 since 2001. Musical entertainment was provided by “Bent Brass”, a nine member group that included Pauline James King (’50).  With Wilda Williams at the piano, the singing of the RCS alma mater concluded the banquet.


Some of you are aware that the Cuba-Rushford Central School Board of Education considered closing the Rushford school building after June 2008 due to declining enrollment at Rushford.  The consultant hired by CRCS recommended that very action be taken.    A group from Rushford made a counter-presentation to the Board of Education and some of you submitted very well written letters to the Board as well (THANKS!)   In late January 2008 the seven-member Board voted 5-2 to keep the Rushford building open.   At least for the time being, Rushford has dodged a bullet. 

In the two previous years most of you will remember that I asked that alumni express in some way just once within those two years whether or not they wished to continue receiving correspondence from the Alumni Association.  No one was required to even send in dues to remain on the mailing list----a simple note of request was the basic requirement.  Nearly 400 alumni on the postal mailing list made no effort to indicate in any way during the last two years that they wanted to receive future correspondence.   Since the total number of alumni contacted by postal mail has been around 850 of late, the postal mailing list will now drop to almost half of what it was previously.  Incidentally, most of the non-responders graduated between 1970 and 1991.  Obviously this does not bode well for the longevity of an organization whose membership is destined to shrink regardless of the level of interest.  For a number of reasons, I’m not surprised by the results.  Perhaps what does surprise me is the core of people who do remain in touch year after year.  Thanks to all for the notes of appreciation for the newsletter and thanks to those of you who have sent extra money for dues and/or the Albro Scholarship Fund.  A number of alumni were very generous this year in making donations to the general fund.  The general fund, which includes dues, is used for expenses associated with printing and mailing the newsletter and banquet notice and for auxiliary banquet expenses (i.e., decorations, refreshments for social hour, free meals for alumni who graduated 60 or more years ago, a gift for those providing musical entertainment, and compensation to the school janitor for setting up and taking down tables and chairs). I have refrained from naming the very generous donors because all donations, regardless of size, are welcome.  Please know that extra generosity is noticed and appreciated.

News About Individual Alumni and Classes:


’38 – Alfred Davis of Rushford, NY passed away in December, 2007.


‘39 -- Orie Clark (‘39) of  Lake Almanor, CA reports that he and Lil carry on--enjoying the great summers here in the mountains as well

          as the mountains in the winter.



’39 – Virginia Waite Miller of Huntington, California is living in a nursing home.  .  It was a very hard but necessary decision for her

         wonderful caregiver and husband Leigh to have to make --- Virginia can not write, read, or walk.  (Leigh, the deep pain expressed

         In your note is very understandable.  Think of our arms reaching you in California and giving you and Virginia a big hug.---editor).


’39 – David E. Morrison of Wilmington, Delaware passed away in January, 2008.


’40 -- David E. Stone of Sebring Florida passed away in July, 2007.


’41 -- Wilma Marsh Rychlik of Buffalo, NY passed away in November, 2006.  (We were unaware of this in time for the last newsletter.) 


’42 – Geraldine Balcom Harris of Armagosa, Valley, Nevada and formerly of Wellsville, NY wrote us in 2007:  “I’m 85 and have taken a

          job cooking and doing housework in general for a friend who lost his wife in 2006.  …This is desert, mostly miles of creosote

          bushes…I did have (and maybe still have) arthritis before I came here but I felt it leave me before the plane ever landed in Las

          Vegas, 100 miles from here.  Everyone has an air conditioner.  We keep it on ‘cool’ day and night and it’s very comfortable.  We

          drive 50 miles to town (small city) for groceries every two weeks with a large cooler in the rear of our vehicle. “  (Geraldine then  

          mentions the desire or need for a number of basic businesses to locate closer to where she lives---editor).  “There is a grade

          school nearby, a bank, a senior center, a huge community center…a library, and a helicopter landing for emergency needs.   We

          need senior home apartments and senior around the clock care, like a nursing home…There is a doctor who takes

          appointments…he wears blue jeans---a country doctor but very nice.   I never had a pair of blue jeans until recently so now I’m

          a country ‘girl’.  …I miss all the ones that I knew (at Rushford) and that have passed on.  …I sold my home in November ’06—it

          was new when I moved into it in 1947.  I last came to the banquet for the 50th anniversary of my class and I enjoyed the evening

         very much.      …Thank you all.”  


’42 -- Rowena Waite Meiler of Warsaw, NY wrote us in 2007:  “Sorry I won’t be able to attend the banquet as I have trouble driving at

         night.  I’m always glad to get the newsletter to check on my classmates.  I lost my husband of 60 years in June of 2006.  I intend

         to stay at my home as long as my health allows me and with the help of my family.


’43 – Grace Lutes Giboo, who lived in the Rawson area (between Rushford and Cuba) passed away in February, 2008.


’44 – Don Alderman of Olean, NY has penned the following poem that he titled Something To Digest:  I go to my alumni banquet----- 

         Hoping there’s someone I know-----Maybe an old girl friend or a runaround buddy, Joe.-----I find that most rarely go.-----Doesn’t

         their curiosity get them there?-----I prefer not to be with strangers,-----Don’t even know a soul.-----Can’t see, can’t hear, lost my

         wavy hair.----- They might look at me,-----‘Ugh, did I ever him know?-----Is he still kicking around?-----I thought he’d be dead long

         ago,-----His actions not too sound.’-----One girl walked up to me last time.-----‘Do you know who I am?’----- I didn’t have the

         slightest, ‘No, I don’t’.‘-----Do you remember little Diane?’-----Oh, Wow, she didn’t look like that back then.-----She was younger

         than I,  didn’t have time to pay.----- She used to think me dear.-----It was fun to talk old times.-----I’ll probably go next year.”


’44 -- Marjorie Harrington Mott of Fremont, California wrote:  “…just unable attend a banquet.  I really enjoy the newsletter!”


’46 – Virginia Williams Hahn of Franklinville, NY passed away in May of 2008.


’49 – Richard Sadler of Cortland, NY passed away in January of 2007 (sorry for this omission in the last newsletter).  His wife Jeanne

         has asked us to keep her on the mailing list for the newsletter and we are happy to oblige.


’50 -- Class of 1950 celebrated their 59th year reunion on July 29th 2007 at the home of Art and Marilyn Clark Kellogg.  Attending were

         Janet and Jack Finch, Pat and Eldyn Davies, Janette Davies Kofhal, Dick and Betty Scott Klein, Duane Luce, Jess Westfall, Don

         and Pauline James, Norm and Irene Blom Francis, Bill and Maureen Hooper Cotrill.  Guests included June and Melody Clark,

         Hattie Clark Roskey, Ed Mitchell, and David Vincent.


’51 – Larry Babbitt of Newark, California wrote us in 2007 that he was “still holding a little corner of California down. Have retired my

         contractor licenses and am taking it easy.  Have a good year.”


’51 – Martha Guest Roth wrote us in 2007:  “Hope to be there in 2011 to celebrate our 60th for our class.  Dave and I are enjoying

         retirement and especially spending lots of time at our lake cottage in Wisconsin (Bone Lake).  If any of you come to Minneapolis,

         we are just six miles from the Mall of America.  Come and see us or give us a call (952-891-4147).”


’51 -- Chuck Lafferty of Gainesville, FL wrote in 2007:  “Sorry that Cathy and I could not make the trip north this year due to surgery.

         Hope to see all of you in2008”.


’51 -- Ethel Drummond Morse off Tebbetts, MO wrote in 2007;  “I enjoyed last year's banquet so much. It's so great to see old friends

         and relatives and the food and program were great.  Labor Day weekend is always a nostalgic time for me so the years I am able

         to attend are special.  …hope to see you in 2008”.


’51 -- Arthur J. Schweizer of Black Creek, NY passed away in January, 2008. 


’52 – Esther Bliss Taylor of Rushford, NY passed away in January, 2008.  She was cafeteria manager at RCS for a number of  years.  

         Her son, Kevin, and his wife Dawn have been the preparers of the food at our banquets in recent years.


’55 -- Jack Davies wrote in 2007:  “I would like to get back to Rushford for Labor Day weekend again but don’t know when… I have

         been living in Miami, Florida for the past nine years.  I met a Haitian Investment Banker            (continued on page 3)

         (Jean-Claude Noel) shortly after arriving here.  A few years later, I did some work for him as a consultant

         When he learned where I grew up, he nearly collapsed!  He graduated from Rushford Central School too and went on to study for

         two years at Houghton College. His Father is a Baptist minister in Haiti.  With his father’s good connections to the Baptist

         Churches in the USA, Jean-Claude ended up staying with the Baptist minister in Rushford for his last two years of high school in

         the USA. Jean-Claude sang in the choir of the Baptist Church, accompanied by my Aunt Betsy Davies on the organ. He also

         knows many of my relatives who live near Rushford. He persuaded a cousin of mine in Houghton,  John Nystrom (dentist), to

         travel to Haiti nearly every year to provide free dental services for the poor children in Haiti.  It is a small world in which we live.”


’56 – Rosemary Davies Fuller of New Wilmington, PA and wife of Rushford alumnus, Rev. Arthur Fuller (’53), passed away in April of



’56 – Richard Kellogg just completed his 38th year of teaching psychology at Alfred State College.  After serving four years in the US Air

         Force, a love of learning led Dick to earn degrees from Alfred State College, SUNY at Geneseo, Alfred University, and the

         University of Rochester.  When not pursuing his hobby of trout fishing, he enjoys writing.  He has published a number of articles

         dealing with topics such as Adirondack history, the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud, and the “wonderful” mysteries about

         Sherlock Holmes penned by Arthur Conan Doyle.  Dick’s daughter, Carolyn Jonas, practices law in Wellsville, and son Philip

         works at a Veteran’s Administration Hospital near Cleveland, Ohio.  He says that his grand-daughter, Caitlin Jonas, teaches him

         amazing things every time they get together.


’57 – Margaretanne Connors of Danby, Vermont wrote us in 2007:  “I left Western New York in 1959 for the Oneonta area of Central

         New York.  I have two sons, one still living in the Oneonta area and one in Vermont.  I have three grandsons who are my reason

         for moving to Vermont.  I’ve held numerous jobs.  The last one in New York was 16 years with of Office of Mental Retardation and

         Developmental Disabilities.  I “retired” in 1977 to move to Vermont.  I am now working part-time for the Bank of Bennington. 

         Usually three trips to New York are planned in warmer months to visit family there.”


’57 -- Rita Henry Kester has moved to 1452 Hunt Road in Ashville, NY  14710.  Now both Rita and her sister Judy (Judy Henry Dailey)

         and their families are all living in or near Jamestown, NY.


’59 -- Sharon Flynn Wilson of New York City wrote in 2007:  “I am still officially retired from the world of Education.  I seem to work more

         hours volunteering than I did when I taught school. I spend a lot of time doing Advocacy for Human Rights and Wilderness

         Preservation via my Computer, spend a lot of time at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Manhattan working with the Youth,

         Women’s, and Outreach programs, and spend other available time with family here in Brooklyn and there in upstate New York, as

         well as in Alexandria and Richmond, Virginia.


’59 – Donalee Baker Price of Torrance, California gets an apology from the editor.  In last year’s newsletter the impression was given

         that Donalee has a grandson named Larry.  Larry is her son.  Donalee says “I have no grandchildren, only ‘granddogs.’”


’60 – Class of 1960 met at Moonwinks (Cuba, NY) in September, 2007.  Present were Bill and Barb Rutecki, Bill and Elana Kozak,

         Bill and Joan Zweemer Veley, Marv Covert and Kathy Morlock, Jim Pomeroy,  Karen Farwell Forsyth, Terry and Judy Henry

         Dailey, Ruth Kellogg and Carlos Guitierrez, Meredith Durkee Fisher, Allen and Connie Pearl Perkins, Class Advisor

         Wilda Williams, and guest Betty Connors Wende.


’61 -- Roy Howard of Charlotte, NC wrote in 2007:  “After graduating from RCS, I moved to New Jersey…worked in a glass bottle

         making factory for 16 years, while raising two boys.  …moved to Southern California and worked in the Aero-Space Industry for

         25 years.  Retired in 2005 and moved to North Carolina to be near my sons, one granddaughter, now 24, one grandson,

         now 13, and one great grandson, now age 1.   …Hope to make it to one of these reunions. “


’61 -- Frank Wilmot of Hinsdale, NY spends as much time as possible during the warmer months at his camp on the Black River near

         Booneville, NY.  Wife Ginny reports that they both are enjoying retirement. 


’62 -- Les Swain of Las Vegas, NV has a business website:   Les says he can save people

          money on travel---instead of having to go to several websites like,,, etc.,

          members can use the Powersearch Toolbar on his website to search all these sites and more to find the best rates and bargains.


’63 – Reuben Leonard of Sumter, South Carolina wrote in 2006 (sorry for misplacing the letter—editor):  “Glad to get information on

         classmates and hope to attend a dinner in the future.  I am retired and spend time traveling the country in a relaxing style,

         camping, enjoying the area, sight-seeing, and visiting relatives and friends.  It’s sure nice just to follow the good weather, and find

         a good Texas holdem game.”


’64 -- Larry Thompson now lives in McKinney, Texas.  He and his wife Deborah have a summer home in Friendship New York and

         spend about four months out of the year there.  Larry retired as a career officer from the US Army in 1985.  He then worked for

         Electronic Data Systems (EDS) as a Regional and Division manager in several locations (Chicago, Detroit, Rochester, and

         Dallas). He retired from EDS in 2005 and now does volunteer work for the City of McKinney and Habitat for Humanity.  Larry is a

         graduate of the University of Nebraska with a BA in Business, a Masters of History and Government from Norwich University in

         Vermont, and an MBA from Webster University in St. Louis.  He and his wife play golf, bowl, and enjoy their grandson Caden who

         also lives in McKinney with his mom and dad, Lauren and Jayson.


’65 – Rosalie Worthington Hayes of Rocky Mount, Virginia wrote us in 2007:  “I always enjoy the alumni news.  It is very difficult to

         make the trip north for Labor Day.  My husband and I own a portrait studio and are busy photographing high school seniors.  We  

         keep busy visiting our four children and six grandchildren.      (Rosalie’s update continues on page 4)

          We’re especially proud of all of them.  Our youngest daughter just finished her residency program as a family practice doctor. “  


’67 – Class of 1967 had their 40th year reunion on September 22, 2007 at the Bryncliff Resort in Varysburg, NY.  Maggie Swain Marsh

          had mugs made for everyone; Bill Law had tee shirts which everyone signed.  Awards were given in ten fun categories. 

          According to Maggie, the last reunion was in 1982.  Out of a class of 26, three are deceased, three couldn’t be located, and 13 of

          the remaining 20 attended the reunion.   Maggie looks forward to the next reunion but thinks it will be hard to top this one.


’67 – Jean Simons Wende of Cuba, NY (Rawson area) passed away in March of 2008.  Her husband, Terry, is a 1965 graduate.


’68 – Class of 1968 will be celebrating their 40th  year since graduation by gathering at the Turfside Restaurant on Saturday, August 30th

          at 1PM.  Reservations are necessary so please contact Marilyn Kellogg at (585)437-2468 in advance.


’68 – Patricia Fuller Randolph and husband Gene (’66) of West Palm Beach, Florida wrote us last fall.  “We are sorry that we don’t

         attend the alumni banquets.  We do, however, try to make a yearly trip to NY during the Thanksgiving holidays.”  (Gene goes deer

         hunting then too.)   We have been doing well here in Florida though our children and grandchildren have moved away in the past

         two years.”  Eldest son, Christopher, and his wife and son moved to Virginia to start his own construction company.  Son Robert

         and his wife and two daughters moved recently to Georgia.   “We miss them all but since work has been so hectic this year, it has

         helped us get through.  We wish everyone well.  Please keeps the newsletter coming!”


’68 – Paul Thorington has been working his way up through the ranks of the NYS parks system and is currently park manager at

         Taughannock State Park north of Ithaca, NY.  The park is noted for having one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern U.S.


’72 -- Shirley Randolph Saulter lives in Rushford again.  She wrote in 2007: “I have two wonderful sons who graduated from Cuba-

          Rushford in 1992 and 1996.  Two grandchildren are in Cuba-Rushford and two more who will eventually attend there.   Tom

          Finch, Luanna Ellis, and I are working on a class reunion.


’76 -- Jodie Barber Burns of Hilton, NY wrote in 2007 that she appreciated the newsletter and wished to give credit to Lisa Hoy Hawley

          for all the work she did to make Class of ’76 reunion a success in 2006.  (Lisa’s name was unfortunately omitted by the editor

          in the write-up about the reunion in last year’s newsletter.  Sorry Lisa).


’75 -- Steve Stratford is at Maranatha Baptist Bible College at Watertown, Wisconsin.  With obvious tongue in cheek, Steve said he

         wasn’t sure if anything interesting happens in his life.  This was after stating that in 2007 that he had just returned from a three

         day conference in Columbus, Ohio and was about to head to Lima, Peru for the fifth time to teach a two-week class called “Media-

         Enhanced Communication” to some college-age (American) missionary interns.  He was also scheduled to train college faculty in

         the fall to use a new learning management system to support their courses online.      

’77 -- Cheryl Tullar Garrish of  Aldan, Pennsylvania wrote in the summer of 2007:  “Greetings to all in the Class of 1977!   Currently, I

         am a stay at home Mom with a PT job as a Charge Nurse with the Long Term Care Unit at a Retirement Community.  At church I

         am the Missions Team Leader, an occasional Sunday school sub, and nursery worker/nurse for Camp Treasure Island (VBS).  I

         also help as an adult leader for an Explorer Girls group (5th and 6th graders) at our former church. I will be married 12 years in  

         November to Rob Garrish who is self-employed (helps people with a variety of computer needs).   We have two children, RJ who

         is 9, and Hannah who will soon be 7.  They both love school and are good students.  RJ enjoys sports. Hannah is our dancer 

         and cheerleader. “

’78 -- Charlotte Vickman Edwards provided the following update in 2007:  I am currently living in Parkesburg, PA.  My

          husband, Tracy Edwards, is the administrator of Lan-Chester Christian School.  I teach at the school.  We have five children, one

          who is married, two that are college students at Pensacola Christian College, and two that are still at home and attending Lan-

         Chester. Thank you for your care and concern for those of us that attended Rushford.”

’80 -- Kenneth A. Bliss of Rushford, NY passed away in January, 2008.


’80 -- Cindy Kozak Patton of Farmersville, NY passed away in 2007.  (Sorry that this information did not make the 2007 Newsletter—



’81 – Donalyn Davis Rybicki of Olean, NY truly keeps track of her classmates.  Her class was one of the largest (36) to graduate from

         RCS.   (Only 11 members of the Class of 1981 have chosen or are now set up to receive correspondence from the Alumni

         Association.—editor).   Last year Donalyn submitted information about 14 of her classmates for the newsletter.  She asked that

         the following be added to what she wrote last year:  Rick (Lance) Goldsmith lives in Arcade, NY and has three children;  Annette

         Oyer Sherlock lives in Fillmore, NY, works at the Jubilee Supermarket, and has three children;  Brad Benz lives in Farmersville,

         NY and works at Freedom Crushed Stone;  David Morse lives in Macedon, NY and works as a mason in the Brick Layers and

         Allied Craft Workers Union, Local 3;  Gloria Haas lives in Rushford and works at The Country Store;  Doug Donner lives in Cuba,

         NY;  Susan Vickman Owens lives in Farmersville, NY.    Updates on three people mentioned last year are as follows:  Kris Close

         Cobb is attending college—made the Dean’s List;  Bob Tomlinson is now a grandfather;  Donalyn Davis Rybicki is now a personal      

         fitness trainer and teaches a kickboxing aerobic class.    Donalyn also wished to pass on some information about some people

         who at one point or another attended RCS and were part of her class: Jean Smith lives in Arcade, NY and owns a cleaning

         business;  Mike Austin lives in Maryland;  Duane Tingue is a farmer living near Delevan, NY; Vicki Schlining Clayson lives in

         Hinsdale, NY; Don Smith lives in Marietta, Georgia; Rick Childs lives in Arcade.  Lastly, Donalyn asked to pay tribute to Lucinda

        Morse, the next entry in this newsletter.  Donalyn says Lucinda was a friend, soul mate, and special person to her.



’83 -- Lucinda Morse of Rushford, NY passed away in August, 2007.


’84 -- Terry Gordon of Sharon Springs, NY wrote in 2007:  “My jazz group, the Terry Gordon Quintet, has recently released our third

          CD of original music, ‘Homeward Bound’, on WEPA Records. It is available by contacting me at “


’84 -- Melissa Brooks Vickman of Farmersville, NY provided the following update:  “As some probably know we built a house on some

         of Ken's grandmother's land in Farmersville Station in 1999 after living in Ohio for almost 9 years. (Melissa’s husband, Ken

         Vickman, is a 1980 graduate of RCS). Two of our seven children graduated High School from CRCS in '04 and '06. Ruth attended

         GCC in Batavia graduating with a Teacher Assistant Degree.   Jeremy attends Pensacola Christian College in FL with a Music

         Ministries major.  We like to gather on Labor Day at my Aunt Lois Bruce's house for a “mini” Brooks family reunion…Phil (’61),

         Dorothy (’66),  Dave (’73)  and Bev Chapman Brooks (’73).  I enjoy the newsletter…my father, Tracy Brooks (’59), always kept up

         with the people in our community and the traditions of holidays.  Without him Veterans Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor

         Day, aren't the same for me.   He had a strong patriotic spirit.  Does any one remember singing  “The Unknown Soldier”  for the

         outdoor Memorial Day service at school?  …the trumpets echoing taps behind the big maple trees out front?    …the Memorial

         Day Parade we used to have every year that ended at the grave of one of our own soldiers?  Those are some of  

         my  good ol' days.”    


’89 – Carmen Sampson Wright of Franklinville, NY wrote in 2007 that she was not able to attend the banquet because she and some

         friends had to practice for the Rushford Labor Day volleyball tournament.  Her team has done very well the last three years. 

         Carmen thought it interesting that first place in ’07 went to the team of another Rushford alumnus, Audrey Gilbert Sendor

         (’68) of Cheektowaga,  NY.  Audrey and her husband are active members of a suburban Buffalo volleyball team.  (“Thanks

         Carmen!”   Carmen may not attend the banquet, but she took the time to say hello and provide a tidbit for the newsletter.

         Hint, hint to some of you out there. –editor)


THE END---with a wee bit of advice (???):        “Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.”                  JKP (6/25 /08)    



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