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2011 News letter




Greetings from the Rushford Central School Alumni  web page. (Charlie Bliss (69) -Web Master).  If there is something about yourself or your class that you’d like to include in this  newsletter, send a note to the Rushford Alumni Association (Box 1, Rushford, NY 14777 – Attn: Newsletter Editor), or send me an email at If you move and change your address, try to remember to keep us updated.   


You can review yearbooks on the Cuba-Rushford web page at  --- click on “Community”  in the Menu bar that runs across the top of the page, next click on  Alumni and Yearbooks””  click on “Yearbooks” and view the RCS yearbooks for 1952 to 1991.

Remember, this is not a "static" newsletter.  Information can be added any time you wish to send news items to us.

Now for the News

Class of 1936 - Harriet Balcom Davis, of Tempe, Arizona, died in June of 2010.

Class of 1943 Elizabeth Jane Swain Clark, Class of 1943, has passed away

Class of 1944 - Shirley Taylor Adams of Berrien Springs, Michigan died in June of 2010. (Charlie--this should have been announced at the 2010 banquet. Word was not received in time for it to appear in the 2010 newsletter.)

Class of 1944 - Donald Alderman of Olean, NY has written another poem for the Association. (Charlie----see last page in this group. I fondly recall the swimming hole that he writes about and it was just as he describes. I swam in it in a few times back in the late 1950's. It's been gone for a number of years because the creek changed course.)

Class of 1944 - Ernest Kellogg of Canton, Georgia wrote us in the summer of 2010 that he and his wife thoroughly enjoyed meeting classmates and relatives when they attended the 2009 banquet and that they hope there will be a good turnout in 2011.

Class of 1950 - Alton Pettit of Arcade, NY died in August of 2010.

Word was not received in time for it to appear in the 2010 newsletter.)

Class of 1950 - On July 25, 2010 the class celebrated their 60th year since graduation by meeting at the home of Norm and Irene Blom Francis in Rushford. Attending were Alton and Betty Pettit, Jack and Janet Finch, Keith and Arletta Slocum, Art and Marilyn Kellogg, Don and Pauline James King, Jess Westfall, and Duane Luce. Guests were David Vincent, Betty Case, and June Blakeslee Clark.

Class of 1951 - Lawrence Babbitt of Newark, California, died in September of 2009.

Class of 1955 Sandra Webster Ward passed away.


62 - Nancy Davis Holland - I reside in Winnetka, CA with my husband of 46 years.  We have 2 sons & 5 grandchildren.  I've been retired for 3 years from being an Administrative Assistant at Rocketdyne Div. of Pratt & Whitney.  We try to get back to Rushford every couple of years to attend the Labor Day festivities, visit with my family & cherished classmates.  I thoroughly enjoy receiving the Alumni Newsletter each year."

Address changes


Those receiving this newsletter by email or viewing it on the CRCS website should still use postal mail to make banquet reservations and/or to send donations (Rushford Alumni Association, Box 1, Rushford, NY  14777).