December Fire Meeting

Dec 20, 07

Meeting called to order by President Frank Bliss @ 19:10.

Motion made to accept minutes as read by Chris Hatch seconded by Duane Sampson carried

Treasurerís report read by Bob Heslin :

Checking $6,134.70

Savings $10,961.62

Total $17,096.32

Bills to be paid: Giant $13.50 eats

Corner Market $20.07

Corner Market $37.93 Water Rescue

Askeyís $54.55 Dinner (Oktober Fest)

Haley Concrete $200.00

Fit Test $112.00

Fasny Dues $20.00

Western Assoc. $15.00

Fillmore Sign $25.00 Advertising

Firemen Memorial $25.00

Carol Giboo $60.00 Donnaís Cake

Cuba Rushford Yearbook $70.00 Need to recognize seniors

Motion made by Duane Sampson seconded by Kevin Armison to pay bills.

Correspondences: Sam Clark $50.00 for use of land

Marjorie Bliss $100.00 donation

Lawrence Stephens$75.00 donation

William Veley $300.00 donation

Letter for Southwestern Firefighter of year nomination

Committee Report: Training Chris Hatch

Dept. training and County training schedules on Bulletin Board

Need to schedule Bus Rescue for next year

Need some new members for Fast Team

Fast Team will respond if called

Sign Committee: Foundation is poured Kevin Armison stated a chain was lost belonging to Lynn Pomeroy. What do we want to do about it.

Motion made by Chris Hatch seconded by Kevin Armison to get new chain upon Kevin talking to Lynn to find out if thatís what he wants.

Labor Day Committee: Chris Hatch brought up about having Water Ball/ Skilled Course.

Get well card to Jessopís

Thank you cards need to be sent to: Lynn Pomeroy and Cody Pomeroy for working on sign.

Dan Metcalf for time donated for working on sign.

Marjorie Bliss, Lawrence Stephens, William Veley for their donations.

Elections: Article VIII Paragraph 2 Change to read elections closed at March meeting. Was brought up in Aug/Sept meeting was turned down.

Had discussion on what to do about cancelled meetings.

Put in SOPís that if meeting is cancelled it will be rescheduled for the following week.

Fire Calls: 9 EMS
1 False Alarm


1 Mutual Aid

4 Work Details

1 Wireís down

Fire Advisory : No report

Old Business: Cat County has given us their permission for their fire frequency.

Generator from Truck 1 doesnít work, taken off Truck

Need new battery for big generator. Fire Police radioís need new batteries.

Air Quality test for Compressor was due last month.

Air Packís are not being check each month as required.

Need Special meeting for January, send out cards. Special meeting is on By-Laws and Batteries.

New Business: Trucks 6 and 6-01 need Anti Freeze changed and Rushford 8 needs Anti Freeze changed

Automatic fire alarm was checked and does work.

A new date was selected to complete PESH training. December 30, 2007 from 14:00 to 21:00

Need to look into fire jackets for new members.

Chris suggested new T-shirts for members

Need to set up schedule of dinners for next year. A Ham Dinner was brought up.

Eats for next month meeting Benny Bialy and Walter Cook

Motion made by Chris Hatch and seconded by Wayne Hatch to adjourn meeting at 20:30

Respectively Submitted by acting Secretary

Franklin Everett


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