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Organized 1886

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The Demolition Derby is promoted as an unusual spectator attraction. In the interest of safety, anyone entering the derby or pit area is subject to and must obey the rules and regulations established by the Rushford Fire Department

A. The derby will be composed of individual heats, a compact car heat, a Best of Show heat and a Main Feature. 

B. There will not be any ties in the heats or feature events. 

C. Members of the Rushford Vol. Fire Dept. may not participate in the demolition derby. 

D. An entry fee of $10.00 will be charged for each car entered. The entry fee must be paid prior to the event. All registered drivers must purchase a pitpass for $10.00. 

E.  Anyone wishing to enter the pit area must be 14 years of age, purchase a pit pass for $10.00 and sign a waiver of liability. 

F.  Any car not removed from Legion Park by 10:00 PM on the night of the derby becomes the property of the Rushford Fire Dept. unless other arrangements are made. 

G. The Rushford Fire Department shall not be responsible for cars or property that is lost or stolen. 

H. No car will be allowed in the pit area prior to being inspected and approved. The line to the inspection station will be closed at 11:30 AM. Any car not inline at that time will not be allowed to enter the derby. 

I.     Cars must be trucked or trailered out after the demo. 


A. Automobiles – 2 door, 4 door or station wagon will be allowed. No Jeeps, Sport Utility Vehicles, Limos, Ambulances, Hearses, Chrysler Imperials orother commercial vehicles allowed. No 4 wheel drive vehicles of any kind allowed. 

Compact cars - 4 cylinders.

Trucks- 2 wheel drive, 1/2 ton, maximum 5 leaf springs

Minivans- No full size vans allowed, allowable minivans is per officials.

B. Windshield – Optional (can leave in or take out). Trucks—screen over rear window, 1/2₤ mesh or smaller. 

C.  Sun visors, windshield wipers, all lights, glass, mirrors, all chrome, moldings, door handles and antennas must be removed. (except windshield – see B above)Remove all carpeting. 

D. Two (2) 5/16₤ thick metal straps or two (2) 5/16₤ diameter rods must be secured running from the top to the bottom of the windshield to prevent the hood from going thru the windshield and injuring the driver. 

E. Vehicles must have a full bench seat or 2 bucket seats in the front of the car. 

F. No more than 5 gallons of gas allowed. 

G. No exterior gas tanks will be allowed unless in front of rear axle. 

H. Interior fuel tanks consisting of Boat tanks, Fuel Cells or Metal type tank only will be allowed. Interior tank must be installed behind the front seat and secured to the floor with a fireproof shield. If exterior tank can not be removed it must be punctured to remove fuel. Any fuel leak will call for immediate disqualification. 

I.  Batteries may be left in the vehicle in front of the firewall in the engine compartment. Optional: Battery may be moved to the front passenger area and must be secured to the floor with at least 2 straps and have a non-metallic cover. 

J.  All doors, hood and trunk must be securely fastened with chains or straps. No welding allowed. Note: hood and trunk must be able to open for inspection and must be secured with no more than 4 fasteners on each. Fasteners must not be secured to the frame. No bars behind the front seat. 

K. No hitches or reinforcement 

L.  Tailgates maybe welded closed but only the top three (3) inches on each side is allowed to be welded. 

M.     All vehicles must have operational brakes. 

N.  Two (2) 8₤ diameter holes minimum, one on each side of hood over the engine compartment are required. No protruding metal. 

O. Cooling system may be left in or taken out. Note: No antifreeze coolant allowed. Engine must be flushed. Fan blade may be removed or must be removed if not protected by a fan shroud. If left in, radiator must remain in the engine compartment. 

P.  Shock absorbers must be in original position and free to move. Vehicles must be at original height with stock suspension. No special bumpers, reinforcements or trailer hitches allowed. Energy absorbing bumpers must be free to move. No welding allowed. 

Q. All vehicles must have only summer or all season tires on all four wheels. No off road cleated tires or aggressive tire treads allowed (Inspector’s discretion).Tires must be 4 ply rated or less. Wheel weights must be removed. No alterations to wheel rims or attachments to rims allowed. 

R. Only the drivers door to be painted YELLOW (no writing on either front door). Number will be assigned. Number will be put on both doors and on the top of the vehicle. A 2’ X 2’ area on top to be painted white for your car number. No obscene writing allowed on car. 

S. Any driver not obeying the rules will be disqualified. Decision of Track Officials will be final. 

T.  ILLEGAL ITEMS ESCAPING DETECTION DURING INSPECTION DOES NOT MAKE THEM LEGAL. Any exception to the rule will be called illegal and the car will be disqualified. 

U. All drivers must wear a seat belt, helmet, eye protection and shoulder harness. Neck braces and roll over bars are permitted, but not required. 

Promoted By The Rushford Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.